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  1. I just purchased 1 male puppy. I highly recommend purchasing from Austin. He took the time to show me around his kennel and introduce me to the mother and father. I can tell you from first hand that his love for these dog are true. All the dog were cared for and loved.

  2. Oscar is our first English bulldog. He is so friendly and loves the attention he receives from our visitors. He follows us every where and he loves riding in the car or on our golf cart. He also is good at finding golf balls!

  3. I purchased a fantastic stud muffin of a puppy from this breeder. He was attentive and very helpful of the process. I am consistently sharing this breeder with everyone that asks me. Major Grunt has an amazing personality, laid back and loves everyone!

  4. I have purchased 2 puppies from the breeder at 2 seperate occasions. They were friendly and sent me any information I wanted for the puppies. They also helped me find transportation for the puppies. Our puppies are beautiful and healthy. I would highly recommend purchasing from this breeder.

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